Getting a Buzz with Bitcoin


Photo Credit: BUZZ COCOA

I don’t love the taste of coffee.

I do like the taste of coffee with a bunch of added milk and sugar, but I don’t like the extra calories – or the cost. And I’m not alone in my beverage preferences; plenty of other people drink coffee in the mornings solely for the caffeine without loving the taste.

Sometimes, I wish that I could consume caffeine in a way that was cheaper, healthier, and tastier than a $5 latte with two packets of sugar. Zachary Barden, the creator of BUZZ COCOA, understands this desire.

This ingenious blend of caffeine and hot chocolate provides the powerful effects of coffee with the tastiness of hot cocoa.

With the launch of BUZZ COCOA in October of this year, it’s now possible to get a daily jolt of caffeine through hot cocoa. The company promises that consumers of BUZZ COCOA will feel happier and healthier. The beverage is as rich and as tasty as hot chocolate, while also providing as much caffeine as a regular cup of coffee. It’s also only 120 calories per serving.

As the weather grows colder, BUZZ COCOA is an excellent way to stay warm. And unlike most cafes, the company accepts Bitcoin as a payment method for all of their products. Barden is a Bitcoin fan; he sees great potential for the future of cryptocurrency, so he’s made it possible for his customers to get a buzz with Bitcoin.

Emily Braun: Do you personally like the taste of coffee and tea? I don’t love the taste of coffee myself, so I’m happy to see an alternative!

Zachary Barden: I’m actually an avid coffee drinker – but I do enjoy my fair share of cocoa!

Braun: What’s your single favorite aspect of BUZZ COCOA?

Barden: I’m honestly blown away by the taste. I was so afraid that it wouldn’t compare to your traditional hot chocolate – but in fact, it does!

Braun: How did you come to settle on the recipe for BUZZ COCOA?

Barden: It’s pretty simple: caffeine and cocoa. Of course, it’s a special blend that makes each cup more enjoyable than the last, but nonetheless, it’s very straightforward.

Braun: What are the biggest challenges involved in starting your own business? What challenges do you expect to face going forward?

Barden: The biggest challenge in starting a business is execution. So many entrepreneurs are afraid of failure, of mistakes, of releasing an “imperfect” product. I tell those who are looking to be entrepreneurs to be impatient with the idea, but patient with the business. Launch your idea as soon as possible, because timing is of the essence, but do not fret when it’s been four days since your launch and you have no sales – a business requires a sharp uproar at the start, but a steady, faithful owner throughout its lifetime.

I expect my biggest challenge to be, at the moment, filling wholesale orders. When you’re bootstrapping your own company, capital is not an easy thing to come by – that and time. Do you know how long it takes to fill 1,000 orders? That’s got to be my biggest worry right now.


The new holiday blends! (Photo Credit: BUZZ COCOA)

Braun: How did you first learn about Bitcoin?

Barden: Back when it was $27 and I did not buy in. I watched it soar to $1000 and then promptly crash, due to the Mt. Gox scandal. I was able to buy in shortly after and have been a Bitcoin fanboy ever since.

Braun: What aspects of Bitcoin are most relevant to your interests in it?

Barden: I enjoy how the blockchain provides transparency for all transactions, but anonymity at the same time. I especially enjoy speculating Bitcoin’s value, as it’s a large reason for its widespread adoption. Granted, we need more adopters for its true purpose of decentralized currency, but for now, we’ll have to settle for the hobbyist traders.

Braun: Do you use Bitcoin in your daily life for purchases? If so, what was the first thing you ever bought with Bitcoin?

Barden: I think the first item I purchased with Bitcoin was an eBook (although I do not remember which one). The author offered a discount for Bitcoin, although he definitely earned that back with the recent price hike. I don’t even want to think about how much I ended up spending on the eBook, compared to today’s price.

Braun: Why might it benefit a startup to accept Bitcoin from the customers? Why did you choose to accept Bitcoin for BUZZ COCOA?

Barden: Bitcoin is earning widespread adoption by many cultures around the world. That being said, Bitcoin allows businesses to expand their payment offerings, which ultimately increases both their sales and the overall adoption of Bitcoin – which increases sales even more. While it is a money-game for businesses, accepting Bitcoin aids in the effort of promoting the currency for adoption.

I chose to accept Bitcoin for BUZZ COCOA, because I see its value as a financial asset, as well as a means of trade. People are passionate about Bitcoin, so why not be a passionate business with them?

Braun: What do you see in store for Bitcoin’s future? Are there any Bitcoin companies or uses about which you’re really excited?

Barden: I’m really not sure. What I would like to see is widespread adoption and increased market value, but the downside is that the currency itself could devalue and prove transaction capabilities useless. I hope for the latter. And the Bitcoin-related company I’m most excited for is the Gemini Bitcoin ETF.

Braun: Do you have plans for expansion and more products in the future?

Barden: Yes! In fact, we just launched our Holiday Edition, as well as a new Mint Chocolate flavor.

– Emily Braun

To check out all of the BUZZ COCOA products, click here!

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