Tasting a Bit of the World with Bitcoin


What is MunchPak?

MunchPak is an assortment of the best snacks from around the world delivered to your home, dorm room, or office as often as you would like.

When I first heard that MunchPak accepted Bitcoin, I knew that I had to try the subscription service immediately. I ordered three months of the MunchPak Mini (with Bitcoin, of course!) and waited for my first box to arrive. A few days later, it was here! I opened it up and found an assortment of snacks from around the world – and to my delight, I had never heard of any of them!Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 2.55.55 PM

The first thing I tried was called Pejoy, made by the same company as Pocky. The box described it as “creamy vanilla filled chocolate biscuit sticks”, and yes, it tasted as good as it sounds! My boyfriend, who tried every snack with me, described them as “whimsical”. The description for the Toxic Waste candy was also accurate, calling the hard candies “hazardously sour”. But if you can make it through the first few moments of intensely sour sensations, you’re rewarded with a sweeter taste at the end. The Toffix Sticks, a product of Turkey, were my favorite part of the box; I always love chewy, fruit-flavored candies!

Also from Turkey, the Koska Sesame Snack Bar was not a big hit, as I found the sesame taste too overwhelming. And my boyfriend & I were divided on the Chiky Chocolate Cookies from Costa Rica. I thought that they were delicious, but he wasn’t a fan (most of the reviews on MunchPak agree with me!).

I don’t eat bacon, so I was unable to try the Western’s Smokehouse Bacon Flavor Snack Stick. MunchPak actually allows you to customize your package – for just $1 per option, you can specify no meat or request spicy snacks. I didn’t customize my boxes, wanting them to be a complete surprise, but if you have any dietary restrictions or preferences, it’s a great option!


The customization options on MunchPak!

In addition to trying out the service, I had the opportunity to talk to Aubrianne Bell, who’s in charge of Customer Happiness at MunchPak. “I’ve been at MunchPak for a few months now and I’ve loved every minute of it!” she told me, “I get the opportunity to talk to so many wonderful people, which makes what I do really great.”

Emily Braun: I read that MunchPak began out of the living room of one of the co-founders. How has MunchPak changed since its early days? And what’s in store for the future?

Aubrianne Bell: You heard right. I can say that we’ve changed in the fact that we no longer operate from inside a living room! We’ve also changed in the way that we ship every day, Monday through Friday. Initially, we were only shipping once a month. We offer the option to receive a MunchPak as often as people choose, either every week, every two weeks, or every month. This is something we did not originally have. We also have three different box sizes available, each with a different number of snacks. The MunchPak Mini contains 5+ snacks, the Original MunchPak contains 10+ snacks, and our FamilyPak contains 20+ snacks.

As far as the future, we’re always thinking outside of the box, being innovative, and looking to do things others haven’t. So there’s no telling what the future holds. We are constantly expanding and reaching out to new people. We also have a few new & exciting things in the works, but of course, I can’t offer any further details. You’ll just have to wait and see!

Braun: How does MunchPak find new products?

Bell: Finding new candies and snacks is one of the most exciting aspects of what we do. There are so many products we have yet to discover, and this is part of what drives us to do what we do. We attend trade shows and reach out to suppliers in the U.S. and other countries to find the best snacks.

Braun: What are some of your favorites?

Bell: I won’t lie; I’m not a picky eater, and I love food, so I’ve enjoyed almost everything I’ve had the opportunity to try. A few of my absolute favorite snacks that we’ve had are the Osem Bamba Peanut Snacks, Hi-Chews, Pretz Tom Yum Flavor, Takis Zombie, and the Kinder Happy Hippo. There are many other snacks that I enjoy, but those are some of my personal favorites.

Braun: I love Hi-Chews too! How about the weirdest or most unusual snack that you’ve seen?

Bell: We have had some pretty interesting snacks packed in our boxes. I didn’t get the chance to see or taste them, but I think one of the most unusual snacks we’ve ever had were the Hotlix Crick-ettes from the U.S. They were a package of dried crickets dusted with bacon and cheese flavor. Sounds pretty weird, right? The overall reaction was divided. Some people really enjoyed them; others were quite confused when they receive bacon and cheese flavored crickets as one of their snacks!

Braun: So what influenced the decision to accept Bitcoin as payment?

Bell: What initially influenced us to accept Bitcoin as payment is the fact that it’s simply revolutionary. At MunchPak, we do everything we can to stay up-to-date with current technology and trends. We always work to stay ahead of our competitors and do what no one else is doing. This is part of what makes us unique.

Braun: How did you first hear about Bitcoin?

Bell: Funny enough, we initially heard about Bitcoin through Reddit a few years ago. It was new to us, and it seemed few people were using it at the time, so we decided to see how it works. From there, we implemented it as another way for people to purchase their MunchPaks, and it’s been great ever since!

Braun: Why might Bitcoin be a good payment option for a customer? And do you feel as though it’s beneficial for MunchPak to accept it?

Bell: Bitcoin is a wonderful option because it allows people an alternative choice when purchasing a MunchPak, without the need for a middleman. We also feel it’s beneficial because the transaction fees are significantly lower than those of traditional credit card processors.

Braun: Have you had customers pay with or inquire about Bitcoin?

Bell: We have! We’ve had many orders paid with Bitcoin. On multiple occasions, I have had customers ask about using Bitcoin, and I’m able to tell them that we accept it, much to their delight!

– Emily Braun

To check out MunchPak, click here!

The graphic was created by Emily Faber, so please credit appropriately if used. The arrow brushes for the graphic came from Creature Comforts

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