“We Should Brave The World”: An Interview with Julia Tourianski


A little over a year ago, Julia Tourianski declared Bitcoin’s independence and taught people how to be a “Bitcoin hater”. The declaration, a compilation of strong voices from the Bitcoin world, stated, “We declare bitcoin’s independence. Bitcoin is sovereignty. Bitcoin is renaissance. Bitcoin is ours. Bitcoin is.” Tourianski has since been working to promote the message of anarchy & self-ownership through her blog, Brave the World.

“Seems anything I say can be controversial to someone,” she told me during our interview. But whether or not you agree with her opinions, Tourianski has become a voice that cannot be ignored.

Emily Braun: Thanks for participating! What was your inspiration for the name “Brave the World”?

Julia Tourianski: There’s a debate about whether Aldous Huxley or George Orwell predicted our future; I consider it long won by Huxley. We do live in a Brave New World. I simply change the narrative; instead of living in this Brave New World, we should Brave The World instead and sculpt ourselves a new reality. Maybe that’s my initial attraction to tech like Bitcoin – it has fluidity, and we can build it to be a model for the kind of world we want to live in.

Braun: And how did you first learn about Bitcoin?

Tourianski: Like so many of us, walking on the Silk Road.

Braun: What single aspect of Bitcoin is most appealing to you? Is there anything that you want to see change?

Tourianski: Bitcoin’s most valuable component is the fact that it allows you to be your own bank. I’d like to see it become fully anonymous, so we could be our own Swiss banks. Although, considering recent news, maybe that’s not a great analogy.

Braun: How about the blockchain? Are there uses for the blockchain technology that are not related to Bitcoin?

Tourianski: Yeah, loads. The blockchain doesn’t have to be just an economic ledger; it can be a keeper of any kind of history. The blockchain is unalterable, uncensorable, freedom of speech. This is crucial for our internet world, as it’s becoming exponentially merged with “reality.”

Braun: There’s a lot of conversation right now about various issues that Bitcoin is facing and arguments about how to deal with them. What do you think is the most important issue that needs to be dealt with for the continued success of Bitcoin?

Tourianski: Clunky regulation, as we are seeing it now, will only move bitcoin use to freer locations. Also, Bitcoin XT is a terrible idea, which is natural considering it came from Gavin and Hearn. Gavin can prance around calling himself “Bitcoin’s Chief Scientist” all he wants, but the only people left who take him seriously are the r/Bitcoiners. As for Hearn, upon reviewing the history of his suggestions and what he’s pushing for now (it always encapsulates centralization, censorship, and control), he either hates Bitcoin or is a State shill.

Braun: Speaking of regulation, I see that you’re against the BitLicense, even creating a parody of it called the IntLicense with Tone Vays. Why are governments so set on regulating Bitcoin? What are your thoughts on the responses of Bitcoin companies to the BitLicense deadline?

Tourianski: Governments are set on regulating Bitcoin because they are Governments. The State’s job is to prevent people from doing things and to prevent events from occurring. Our job is to do everything so that humanity doesn’t stagnate. Cat n’ mouse games. It’s always been that way. The people who think the State helps us are people who have never done anything worthwhile in their lives.

I hope the companies that complied from the start are now learning their lesson: don’t negotiate with terrorists. Remember, they don’t care about us, and they certainly don’t care about Bitcoin. Companies are shutting down service within New York. What did people expect? An entity that has a bigger gun than you knows no reason.

Braun: How can Bitcoin shape the world? What’s one of the top aspects of today’s world that needs change, and how can that change be brought about with Bitcoin?

Tourianski: We need absolute free speech. The blockchain can achieve this. States can prosecute, but they can’t change math.

Braun: Who are some people in the Bitcoin world that inspire you?

Tourianski: The artists. They actually deliver. And if Bitcoin dies, it will still remain as a concept.

Braun: I understand that you attended the Silk Road trial. Is there a single moment from the trial that stands out to you?

Tourianski: When Ross got his guilty verdict, turned to his mom, and smiled to let her know that everything will be okay.

Braun: Why are there so many “Bitcoin Haters”? Is it worth trying to convince them to turn sides?

Tourianski: I’ll quote Satoshi: “If you don’t get it, I don’t have time to explain it to you.” Don’t waste your time on idiots. Use Bitcoin around people you like and respect, and it will catch on naturally. People are curious, and Bitcoin is interesting. I’m not worried.

Braun: So what are your hopes for our future? Do you think those hopes can become a reality?

Tourianski: We think we can control others; we can’t. The more we try, the harder we suffer. This can be applied historically to Governments. The most oppressive States seem to fall the hardest. I don’t have any hopes. I don’t have any dreams. I try and see things for what they really are, deal with them, and then preform actions that can facilitate alternatives.

Braun: What’s your most controversial opinion?

Tourianski: I’ll give you a personal thought I’ve been having, sparked by my recent travels. I’d like to see a huge wall put up around California for 50 years, with camera towers televising their self-cannibalizing progressive lifestyle. The wall will prevent these people from moving to places where real humans exist and poisoning more land with contradictory PC bile. For a bunch of socialists, they care a whole lot about their lulu lemons and iPhone app development. They claim to be anti-racist, yet they support Planned Parenthood, an anti-black eugenics organization. They fancy themselves lovers of equality, yet they wholeheartedly support the worst power hierarchy America has ever seen, the current Government. So let’s enclose the morally bankrupt and see the kind of dystopia they’ll produce.

Braun: What’s the top thing that you would say you’ve learned or discovered through your travels?

Tourianski: That people are kind, especially in the South.

Untitled 2, Body Series by Julia Tourianski

Untitled 2, Body Series by Julia Tourianski

Braun: I love your art, especially the images of bodies paired with seafood. What inspires your artwork?

Tourianski: Those are very old pieces, but I am still fond of them. Most of my photography was trying to modernize the fascinating eeriness of the old side-show freak shows that traveled America in the late 1900’s. Currently, I am working on two Bitcoin art projects with another wicked artist. Should be birthed before the new year.

– Emily Braun

2 thoughts on ““We Should Brave The World”: An Interview with Julia Tourianski

  1. Haha… the Great Wall of California.. I love it! It made me think of Tools’ Anemia, Cali falling into the ocean, and millions of dumbfounded dipshits that need to learn to swim….


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